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Let's Get This Party Started- with Dr. Chandra Sledge Mathias

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Host and Convener of Cool

One of Chandra's strengths is her ability to connect with others. She knows this to be true because she took a strengths finder assessment and yep, connectedness was her top strength. She's also a talker. She loves communicating with friends and others and learning from them. She loves to hear about the process that leads to the outcome. So in this podcast you'll hear her conversations with folks who she believes are doing really cool work in their realms of influence. She will ask them to share their lessons learned and triumphs and failures and she hopes that these conversations will inspire listeners to take a leap of faith and do something cool that will benefit humanity. Wouldn't It Be Cool If every listener acted on an idea, a dormant gift, or a gut feeling and created something that made the world a better place? Chandra thinks so.

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