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Black Girl Brilliance with youth authors Mariya Hunter and Solomon Robertson

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

In this final bonus episode of 2020, Chandra chats with two young authors and their entrepreneur mothers. 11 year old Mariya Hunter, author of Lucile and the Big Race, and 7 year old Solomon Robertson, contributing author of Kids Journal Through Covid 19: United Kids Speak, talk about what they've written, who inspires them, and what other BIG plans they have. Their amazing moms chime in too! Listen to these two inspiring girls and also purchase their books for the young readers in your life! Check out the links to purchase their books and follow their moms on instagram to keep up with their adventures!

Follow these rockstar moms on Instagram! Find Mariya's mom Tahquetta @teesbytahquetta and Solomon's mom Malikia @yoga4usofficial. Buy the girls books here: Lucile and the Big Race and Kids Journal Through Covid-19 United Kids Speak

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