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Designing Life On Her Own Terms with Andrea Hysmith

Updated: May 3, 2020

In this episode Chandra chats with Andrea Hysmith, Principal Consultant and Designer of ASH Interiors and Design. Andrea talks about her journey of rebounding from a devastating setback to designing her life on her own terms and running a successful interior design firm. Lots of gems in this episode!

Andrea Hysmith, Founder of ASH Interiors and Design, LLC, is a licensed designer, aging

in place specialist, and luxury manufacturer representative with more than twenty years

of industry experience. Her focus is kitchens, baths and interiors, sales and account

management, and project management. Andrea has delivered creative designs for clients in the Greater Washington DC area, NY, PA, and NC. Her approach is interactive, informative and fun. Moreover, she is a regular speaker at Architect and Designer (A&D) events and industry trade shows - most

recently the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC. After listening to "Wouldn't It Be Cool If?" (link below), check out Andrea's website to learn more about her work:

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