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Finding Direction from Within: A Conversation with Intuitive Career Coach, Emily Eliza Moyer

In this episode, Chandra chats with Intuitive Career Coach, Emily Eliza Moyer. After hearing from several "Wouldn't It Be Cool If...?" listeners who had career-related questions, and one listener who specifically asked for a podcast guest to speak to those needing career advice, Chandra reached out to Emily immediately. A former teacher and serial purpose-driven adventurer, Emily shares her career journey and how she has attained the career of her dreams, not once, but twice! She talks about her work as a career coach, answers our guests questions, and even shares a bit about her travel experiences in the Cool Points segment. Check out this super real, super inspiring conversation and get the motivation you need to light the fire within. Check out Emily on instagram at @emilyelizamoyer or on her website to find out how you can take advantage of her coaching services.

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