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KINFOLK! with Master Sergeant Cedric King

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

In this episode, Chandra chats with her hometown hero and long-time friend, Retired US Army Master Sergeant Cedric King. In addition to being a super husband, father, son, and friend, Cedric is an Army Ranger, motivational speaker, speaking each year to audiences around the world. He is an adventurer: completing numerous marathons, triathlons, mountain climbing, parachuting out of planes... you name it, he's done it. And we forgot to mention that he has done all of this after losing both legs and injuring one of his hands while serving in Afghanistan. Cedric's life is a testimony of resilience, living each moment with purpose, and making "lemons out of lemonade". Cedric is a LIGHT, and his encouraging spirit and gift for uplifting others have opened doors that have taken him places he never dreamed, including the White House and Time Magazine. Cedric is the author of The Making Point: How to Succeed When You're At Your Breaking Point (available on link below). He is also the host of The Making Point Podcast, a new podcast featuring motivational messages that are sure to light your fire! Subscribe and listen on Spotify podcasts.

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